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Why I Do What I Do

For many years, I had stories in my head. There were times I would write them down for my own amusement, but I was too scared to share them with anyone. I didn't feel I was good enough with my writing or thoughts. I felt no one would want to hear my inner ramblings. It took being forced to slow down by a pandemic to realize I wanted to write my stories completely and share them. I am not sure if there are many people who want to hear them, but I hope there are at least a few. What good is a story if it isn't shared? I know my writing is not overly profound or ground breaking. I hope that someone reads my stories and for a few moments escapes into different worlds. I hope something I write makes them smile and maybe on occasion feel like crying. I hope at least one person is entertained. If not, I will enjoy what I have written, because I cannot see me stopping any time soon.

I hope you have something you enjoy. If you haven't shared it with anyone, I encourage you to. I know it is scary. I know it is hard to put something out there you poured your heart into for others to critique it and tell you it is not good enough. No one gets to tell you if something isn't truly good enough, because if it means something to you, that is all that matters.

In this blog I will write a bit of my stories and give updates. Every Monday, I will try to write something amusing that has happened over the course of my life to just give a smile. Feel free to comment and tell me I'm silly, waiting my time, or wonderful. I will reply to them all.

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